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   Fear Itself S01E01 HDTV XviD-2HD



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[#94981] Written by: tlevergood [05/06/08, 23:19]
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yay! fear itself.
this was shot in my hometown: edmonton, ab and i worked on a few episodes w/
some friends. looks like its going to be good.
[#94984] Written by: merripen [05/06/08, 23:33]
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this looks more or less like the continuation of the masters of horror series.
same names involved.
[#94985] Written by: tlevergood [05/06/08, 23:45]
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yup, that's absolutely what it is. it was 'masters of horror' when it was in
vancouver, now its called fear itself
[#94986] Written by: phaorpha [06/06/08, 00:19]
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is this a cbc production? what is it, random horror stories?
[#94987] Written by: Dmfaust [06/06/08, 00:52]
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no, it's nbc. and yeah it's a typical horror anthology. look for it to be
really hit or miss depending on who the director of the week is like all of its
predeccessors. i'm looking forward to a landis follow-up to deer woman
[#95044] Written by: pharmacopaeia [07/06/08, 00:47]
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thanks v much for this, i've been looking forward. hopefully the shift from
cable to network won't make it awful / cut out all the fun bits.
[#95047] Written by: R2D2 [07/06/08, 01:32]
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nice quality!

but only the recording, the episode was very weak, too many clichees, a
horrible score (not good as opposed to fitting to horror!), worse actors and
too lil blood was mixed togeher - this is when a former good horror series
(masters of horror) gets a touch on free tv - i hope it gets better, but it was
a bad decision to start with this one by mick garris... oh yeah, maybe the most
annoying title sequence (and also not in a suitable horror way)...

the god thing is that it can only get better, at least i hope that ;-)
[#95054] Written by: Dmfaust [07/06/08, 02:48]
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it's just garris's way of trying to get his name out there without having
anything under his belt besides some stephen king tv mini-series. i have
nothing against the man and have enjoyed some of what he's done, but this is
definitly a weak piece. i'm reserving judgement till i see how some of the more
seasoned directors fare, as masters of horror started out with what might have
been an even worse episode then lead into a never falliable lovecraft piece.
[#95112] Written by: dornedec [07/06/08, 08:15]
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hi guys,
i just don't get horror tbh.

i'm sure this'll be a good series etc but i won't be watching it. sci-fi is my
bag...if i had a bag that is

ah...just watch & enjoy & don't pay any attention to me giving out...

[#95126] Written by: StarScream [07/06/08, 10:53]
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Quote by dmfaust
...i'm reserving judgement till i see how some of the more
seasoned directors fare...

remember, it is more the story board and writers that make or break a show. the
director can only direct what was written (save for a few minor changes), but
the writers is what you really need to watch for.
[#95129] Written by: Dmfaust [07/06/08, 12:31]
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in this case it rests more on the director than usual, the same as with masters
of horror. the directors are the focus point of the anthologies, and the pieces
are tailored to them(and often adapted or written by). hence stuart gordan
always doing classic pieces like lovecraft or landis's comedic entries.
[#95155] Written by: scofild007 [07/06/08, 18:01]
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wooooooooooooooooooooowwww !!!!! very nice work ! this the best horror tv
series ! just watch & you will get that ... i promess .
[#95180] Written by: R2D2 [08/06/08, 01:28]
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Quote by scofild007
wooooooooooooooooooooowwww !!!!! very nice work ! this the
best horror tv
series ! just watch & you will get that ... i promess .

ok i trust you, i just cannot see it after this episode, but i agree that the
future episodes have some interesting writers and directors, moh also did not
have only good stuff, but it was definitely gorier - not that that is thze
prime factor to become good! ;-) i keep watching anyway.
[#95189] Written by: japaneselightning [08/06/08, 06:54]
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i can't personally wait for the next episode! i am kind of "r" movie deprived,
so this stuff i pretty much eat up. thanks eztv for doing such a good job of
releasing torrents for good tv!
[#95201] Written by: dornedec [08/06/08, 09:55]
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hi guys,
well i succumbed & d/led this first ep.

although somewhat weird i didn't think it was that great...but not so bad either

i won't spoil it for anyone but i may just d/l ep two & see if it gets better.

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