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   Fear Itself S01E06 HDTV XviD-2HD



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[#99271] Written by: phaorpha [18/07/08, 02:35]
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this show gets better and better.

i love the canadianess of it..

[#99279] Written by: Praxis [18/07/08, 04:03]
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great premise for a show but terrible execution turns it into a cheesefest.
the main characters ineptitude towards the situation around her makes this
episode very fustrating to watch, especially when the director is continuously
changing camera angles which started to give me a headake becuase your eyes
have to re-focus every 2 seconds. any "real" person living in reality would act
in a completely diffent and logical way. i couldn't wait for the episode to be
over. i wanted satisfaction which unfortunately never came.
[#99287] Written by: robinmdh [18/07/08, 05:57]
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sorry but i've been reading "the walking dead" comic books yesterday and that
might have made me less sensitie to zombies or something...
but i gotta say i think this was just the worst episode of fear itself sofar,
agree with the post by praxis!

interesting twist at the end, but not interesting to watch.
[#99292] Written by: NorGuy [18/07/08, 06:44]
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deleted, as it could be considered spoilerish....
[#99309] Written by: jcDenton [18/07/08, 12:07]
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nice, new episode. waiting for the 720p version though
[#99348] Written by: hksp [18/07/08, 22:59]
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the b!tch from movie step up 2 the streets
[#99354] Written by: R2D2 [19/07/08, 01:49]
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hmmmh, it is always weird how tastes differ, i actually liked the episode, not
only due to the different source, w/o the annoying olympic rings that nbc puts
in these days, i am all for boycoting that drugfest, but i digress...

i have a soft spot form all zombie-related stuff, so that may have helped, as i
have seen tons of worse stuff. i was also not happy with the saw-reminiscent
directing by bousman, but with the twist in the end it made a bit sense - i
liked that. so this one gives me hope that the series is acceptable, after the
very weak beginning!
[#99620] Written by: brygdom [22/07/08, 00:05]
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i didn't understand the end.

was there a mistake on his part, or what he said was real?
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